Preparing Your Business for Sale

Most business owners mistakenly wait until they are ready to sell before beginning the pre-sale process of preparing the business. This lack of preparation can result in tens of thousands or even millions of dollars lost in unrealized equity.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The best way to realise the optimal equity in your business is to ensure all aspects are in order well in advance of the sale date. This entails making sure stock, contracts and supply agreements are current and can be assigned, debtors and creditors are current, number of employees are appropriate, a secure or beneficial lease is in place and plant and equipment is appropriate and in working order. It is important to remember that you can only realise what you can verify.

Upon signing an NDA, we will kindly ask you to send us your business’ financials, and ask targeted questions about your businesses history and future prospects, so we can tell you what your business is valued at today. We will then, in combination with you, develop a plan to prepare your business for sale in the future to achieve the sale price you desire.