Information Required

Documentation Required

To ensure you have the best chance of realizing the true worth of your business, we need to create an information document which illustrates the past, and present-day performance, and future prospects for your business. Below is a list of the relevant information and documents we require to market your business for sale. There are likely to be unique characteristics that apply to your business, so please include anything over and above the information mentioned below, if you feel it might enhance the value proposition of your business.


  • a. Past 3-year(s) tax returns.
  • b. Management accounts for the current year.
  • c. Monthly sales reports for the past 3 year(s).
  • d. Name & contact information of your Accountant and your Lawyer.


  • a. Copy of Lease and/or deed.
  • b. Complete list of all Plant and Equipment owned outright or to be transferred to Purchasers. Exclude personal property not intended to sell with business.
  • c. List separately other assets that are not owned or not on the Depreciation Schedule. Specify “leased”.
    *Leased equipment must be listed separately. Provide copies of leases. Please include make, model, year and mileage of all vehicles. *
  • d. Any appraisals done on building or property.
  • e. Photos of the site.


  • a. Identify your top five customers. If possible, what percentage of overall revenue do they generate? (This information is kept confidential).
  • b. List major business suppliers and contracts associated.
  • c. List all personnel; their role in the business, how long they have been employed and rate of pay or salary for most recent twelve-month period. (Include yourself and an estimate of what it would cost to replace the work you carry out).
  • d. Debtor and Creditor reports.
  • e. Any ongoing or upcoming contractual agreements to be assumed by purchasers (Franchise agreement, distribution rights, employment contracts, equipment leases, security or phone system, etc.)
  • f. Competitor list. Thoughts on where your business sits in relation to competitors.


Provide the following items as they may apply:

  • a. Price lists.
  • b. Menus, Service, or Product offering information.
  • c. Franchise documents/contracts.
  • d. Company brochures.
  • e. Websites, social networking sites, and other Intellectual Property.
  • f. Product lists.
  • g. Other pertinent information.
  • h. Business related photos.

5) Your Story

  • Interested parties are always interested in your history with the business. It would be beneficial to provide a short explanation on why you set it up, or purchased the business, the journey to today, why it is time to go and a bit about what you would do if you stayed in the seat.