Buy Side/ Buyer's Agent Process

Buyer’s Agent

Transworld New Zealand offers a professional targeted acquisition process for clients looking to acquire companies within specific industries and/or geographic areas. The advantages of contracting Transworld is that you do not have to wait for businesses to hit the market organically. You simply tell us what category, budget and ROI ratios you would agree to pay and we will find target opportunities for you. You become our client rather than the seller. As a buyer’s agent, we negotiate the price on your behalf rather than the sellers because you are the client.

As buy-side buyer's agent, we identify potential target companies that meet your criteria and contact them on your behalf, professionally & confidentially. Our service is tailored to your requirements.

Transworld's Standard Approach


Identification of target business that matches your criteria, category, time frame, capabilities and desired ROI;


Agreement on the type of approach and when buyer's details are disclosed;


Discussion and review of the confidential information pertaining to the identified business/s for sale;


Introduction between the buyer and seller and visit to the business’ operations;


Negotiation of the terms of the Sale & Purchase Agreement or HOA;


Investigation during the Due Diligence period;


Completion of the transaction.